self coaching

The more I witness life coaching in action, the more I believe that there is a huge potential for people to self-coach.

The importance of protecting and enhancing your mental and physical well-being (whatever your age) is something we are all more aware of.

We need to care deeply about ourselves and learn as much as we can about taking care of our mind, body and spirit.

I understand that for some, exploring some of the coaching tools and techniques on their own and in their own time may be a preferred starting place.

If you possess the desire to make positive changes in your life you can do it.

Don’t believe that doubting, self-limiting chatter that goes on inside your head; understand where it comes from, find out how to turn the volume down and reconnect with who you really are and who you are capable of being.


A Self-Coaching Toolkit is currently being developed

Self-Coach The Yorkshire Way  ‘Create Clarity: Find Freedom’

This self-coaching toolkit is a straightforward, accessible and stimulating read which explores HOW to bring energy, direction and clarity in your life.

With clarity comes freedom.

With freedom comes the ability to live your life in a more creative, instinctive, and spontaneous way.

Connecting with who you are, and being at ease within your own skin, will inspire and help you to create the life you most desire.

This Self-Coaching Toolkit consists of 7 modules

  • Clear the decks - Create spaces in which to evolve in mind, body and spirit
  • Listening and Learning - Become a learner not a judger
  • Acceptance and Awareness - Embrace Acceptance - Understand your values and beliefs
  • Reality V Fake News - Know that thoughts are just thoughts - not facts
  • Integrity - Live authentically - be honest and trustworthy
  • Tolerate Nothing - Develop extreme self-care (protect your physical and mental health)
  • Yesterday is gone - Unhook from the Future - Live in the 'Perfect Present'

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