Tackling Tolerations 21st AUGUST 2021 WORKSHOP


Date: SATURDAY 21st August 2021

Time: 10 am 12.30 pm (with breaks)

Location: ONLINE Zoom

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“The happiness of most people we know is not ruined by great catastrophes or fatal errors, but by the repetition of slowly destructive little things.” Ernest Dimnet

Just understanding that WOMEN (in particular) are prone to putting up with situations that are bad for them is a start in itself – and can be a bit of a lightbulb moment.

You may have been feeling drained, wondered where all the joy went, but couldn’t quite put your finger on the cause(s).

And the sneaky thing about tolerations is that they are often compromises that you’ve talked yourself into accepting – so you might need to dig around a bit to weed them out.

This 2 hour+ workshop will explore:

What are tolerations?
Where do they come from?
How to identify them?
How to categorize them?
How to tackle them?

AIMS: TO LEARN HOW TO SELF-COACH and develop your own plan as to what, when and how you will start to tackle the tolerations you have identified.

To LAUGH and have some FUN along the way!

Follow-up email support will be available.

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