Create Clarity: Self-Coach The Yorkshire Way


A Self-Coaching Toolkit ‘Create Clarity: Self-Coach The Yorkshire Way’

‘It’s a lack of CLARITY that causes chaos and frustration.’ Steve Maraboli

‘CLARITY is Power.’ Billy Cox

‘CLARITY affords focus.’ Thomas Leonard

‘CLARITY of purpose trumps knowledge.’ Clayton Christensen

This toolkit is your starter for ten on a journey of SELF-discovery, SELF-awareness, SELF-motivation, SELF-belief, and SELF-care.



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My aim in writing this toolkit was quite simple – to deliver a straightforward, no nonsense GUIDE on HOW to bring energy, direction and CLARITY into your life – which was ACCESSIBLE, MOTIVATING and FUN!

With clarity comes freedom.

With freedom comes the ability to live your life in a more creative, instinctive, and spontaneous way.

A way that cares about and protects your mental and physical health, develops your integrity, embraces your values and breathes life into your aspirations.

And, as if that wasn’t enough – the knock-on effect of these significant and positive changes will not only benefit you but also those closest to you and beyond.

Connecting with who you are, and being at ease within your own skin, will inspire and help you to create the life you most desire.

This journey embraces self-discovery, self-awareness, self-motivation, self-belief, self-confidence and self-care.

This EBOOK consists of 7 chapters (68 pages, 60+ images, 9000+ words) that you can work through in your OWN TIME and at your OWN PACE.

So let’s get to it… And enjoy!      


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