Date: Sunday 30th OCTOBER 2022

Time: 9.30 am to 12.15 pm

Location: Borrie’s Bar @ Little’s Restaurant, Blairgowrie PH10 7GA

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‘The one self-knowledge worth having is to know one’s own mind.’ F. H. Bradley

The more I witness life coaching in action, the more I believe in the ability of people to self-coach.

The importance of protecting your mental and physical well-being is something we are all more aware of.

SO time to STOP believing that doubting, self-limiting chatter than goes on inside your head; understand where it comes from, find out how to turn the volume down and reconnect with who you really are and who you are capable of being.

AND have no concerns about coaching yourself.

YOU are perfectly equipped to do an amazing job.

Because who better?

REMEMBER: no one knows you quite like you do!

This 2 hour+ *MASTERCLASS will EXPLORE:

  • What is Life Coaching/Self-Coaching?
  • Questions are the Answer
  • Raising your Awareness & Self-Awareness
  • Reality V Fake News: Learn how to silence those self-sabotaging thoughts for good
  • Tackling Tolerations: What are they, where do they come from, how to tackle them?
  • Yesterday is Gone: Make peace with the past, embrace the future, live in the ‘perfect’ present
  • Change requires Action

And we will have some FUN along the way!

Refreshments and a copy of the ebook Self-Coach The Yorkshire Way are included in this masterclass

*Changes in content may occur

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