life coaching

Coaching is a relationship and a process by which the coach facilitates the success of others through a belief in that person’s ability to find their own solutions and to enhance performance.’
(Sir John Whitmore, coach and author).

Put simply, life coaching is a process that seeks to form a strong connection between you and your inner self. It consists of a conversation(s) with a coach that influences your thinking, understanding, learning and decision making. This conversation involves listening, questioning and observation. The coach asks the questions to help you find the answers.

Coaching is not subject specific and therefore can be used to explore any number of issues – from the personal (mental and physical well-being, finance, relationships, mid-life crisis…) to the professional (workplace situations, bullying, career change…).

As coaching allows you to explore issues in a safe and creative environment, you will find yourself able to seek and find your own solutions: effectively taking back control of your life.

Quite simply, coaching is empowering – and that’s an amazing way to live!

Coaching and Me

Most coaches that I know have come to life coaching via a personal route and I am no different. Having always seen myself as a decisive, self-assured person, I was not at all happy (that’s putting it mildly…) about finding myself stuck on a number of fronts.

Enter life coaching, and my frustration was quickly replaced by new and exciting ways of being, thinking and doing: which just goes to prove that you can teach an old dog new tricks...

Everything I began to learn about coaching made perfect sense to me. Throughout my training as a life coach I had a constant feeling of déjà vu – and this is not uncommon - though I appreciate that it might sound a bit dramatic.

But the reason for this is quite simple: coaching connects you back to yourself - a person that you already know pretty well!

Encouraged to think deeply, via a process of powerful questioning, I was able to look inside myself and reconnect. I began to understand why I was struggling, to assess honestly what was holding me back, and more importantly, identify what needed to change and how to change it.