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As a passionate advocate for both life coaching and self-coaching, I believe that we are all capable of achieving positive and lasting change by harnessing the power of coaching.

My aim is to promote coaching which is safe, supportive, creative and inspiring.

Coaching is an empowering process which allows us to connect/reconnect with who we really are; to tackle issues in a constructive and creative way; and, most importantly, to move ourselves forward – from where we are to where we want to be.

And because coaching is not subject specific it can be used to explore any number of issues – from the personal (mental and physical well-being, finance, relationships, mid-life crisis…) to the professional (workplace situations, bullying, career change…). So take a look at 'what I do.'

I hope you find the content on this website informative and useful.

However, if you would like any further information (or clarification) please contact me.

so what is life coaching?

Coaching is about facilitating change by raising awareness.’
Myles Downey (founder of The School of Coaching)

If you have ever encountered a moment when someone posed a question or made an observation, that helped you to see a new way forward, then you have experienced a little of what life coaching is about.

Being ‘stuck’ isn’t a very technical term but it perfectly describes where you sometimes find yourself. It can happen suddenly, caused by an event; it can creep up on you, so that one day you realise you’ve lost something along the way – joy, happiness, contentment, peace… You feel sad, a bit down and frustratingly can’t always pinpoint why.

‘At one time or other most of us have felt trapped by things we find ourselves thinking or doing…’
Stephen Grosz (psychoanalyst)

And yet the good news is that the chances are you do know why and you also know the best way forward to becoming ‘unstuck.’

Stepping outside of where you are, seeing an issue from a different perspective, challenging your assumptions and being more observant, can help you on the road to becoming a calmer, more mindful you; better equipped to deal with the difficult times in your life creatively and from a position of empowerment.

‘It’s often more effective to help someone gain their own insights into a situation than it is to tell them what they should do.’
Julie Starr (coach)

By digging deep inside to connect (or reconnect) with who you are, and who you can be, you will find the best way forward for you. This belief in the power of the individual (the self) is one of the guiding principles in life coaching.

It isn’t about being able to solve all your problems (or perceived problems) at the drop of a hat; it’s about learning to engage creatively with the world and others, and learning to embrace new ways of seeing and thinking. And along the way, you will not only enhance your own life but you will also enrich the lives of those around you.